Sunday, May 23, 2010

The start of a beautiful garden!!!

Last year I planted sunflowers, zucchini, and yellow squash. We also got a few strawberry plants and rasberry plants from Kevin's grandmother. This year the sunflowers multiplied by like 20 and the rasberries have tripled in size. This year I decided to try some new things. I love zucchini, but don't like how much space the plants take up. I found these awesome plants called '8 ball zucchini' plants. They are going to come out looking like a zucchini ball!! I can't wait!!! I also planted some 'green bean' plants, bell peppers, and tomatos.

This is my area in the back of the house. From the right to left are the 8 ball zucchini, tomato plants, and garden beans on the right. I planted bell peppers to the right of the zucchini, but they didn't come up so I replanted them on the side of the house and we'll see if they come up.
This is the 'Garden Bean'

We ripped up this side of the house for more garden space. I have more zucchini planted here, tomato plants, chives, and bell peppers. I also found some dried Jolokia skins today and some had seeds in them so I sprinkled them in as well. We'll see what comes up!
SUNFLOWERS!!!!! I have started my row of sunflowers along the front of the porch. LOVE how these turned out last year! I'm going to start digging up all the grass in this area so it's easier to manage and prevent them from getting run over by the lawn mower.
More sunflowers on the side of the house Rasberries!!