Sunday, January 22, 2012

Motorcycle Diaper cake

My good friend Rachael had her beautiful baby boy this past week on my sisters birthday.  I already made her some baby burp cloths earlier in the month and sent them up to her, but still felt I needed to do more for her.  She's one of my very close friends and means the world to me so this gift had to be extra special.  Since this was a last minute item shipping was outragous to get it to her by this weekend.  A friend of mine was planning to go up to see her so I decided to make her something.  While looking into how to make a diaper cake I stumbled upon this Sweetaprils website that showed me how to make a MOTORCYCLE diaper cake!  HOW AWESOME!!!  In all I would say I spent $60.00 in supplies, but some things came in multiples and would last me another 2 motorcycles.  Here is my end picture! 
I got all of my supplies at Walmart because I didn't have time to drive to Target or anywhere else that might have better deals.  I think it was a pretty successful project for the first time around.  I already will be making a second one this week for one of my co-workers!!!