Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yellow Submarine

My friend Kathryn is a HUGE Beatles fan. She's been a fan of theirs for so long I just immediately think of her when someone mentions The Beatles. SO, when I came accross this blue fleece with yellow submarines on it I imediately knew this would have to be her blanket! I like to put alot of thought into the blankets I make for others. I want it to really reflect who they are, what they like, or somehow make me think of them when I see it. Sadly I've had the fleece material for probably over a year now and have just been incredibly lazy and not made it. I finally lit the fire under me to get this thing made! It only takes me about 1 hour to make this so it's super easy to do.. I've just been lazy w/ my crafts the last year! With this first pic I am pinning the blue fabric to 2 yards of yellow fleece.
Now that it's pinned up around the edges it's time to sew it together. I moved the sewing machine downstairs so I could watch TV while I was sewing.
Now that it's done I trim the edges off, pull it all inside out so that the right side is facing out and close up the small opening.

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  1. OO that looks so easy! I will have to try it (you know, with my moms sewing machine that is 40 years old and that I don't know how to use). Haha!